Hi, I’m Nyika!

My husband, Alan, and I started Base Homemade Granola after I lived in Taiwan for 5 years and just couldn’t find the yummy granola that I was always craving. After being disappointed multiple times, I decided to make my own granola. Alan tasted it, loved it, and came up with the idea that to sell it in Taiwan.

So, we changed our guest bedroom into a little factory and set to work. Because no dream is too big, right?

Well, we eventually decided to move back to South-Africa. And now, Base Taiwan is in the very equipped hands of Alan’s parents.

Here, in sunny South Africa, you can very easily find granola. But bag after bag of granola just never satisfied us as much as our beloved Base Granola in Taiwan.

So, here we are again. Eating our own granola every single day and loving it.

We hope you’ll love it too!